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Cool in Catalunya – W Barcelona Hotel

by Continental Club on August 10, 2011  |  2 comments

It has been noted on several occasions that Continental Club gets about. Glamour, quite obviously, is our constant companion as we flit hither and thither through the skies.

Or not, as is sometimes the case.

All too often come those ‘It’s Wednesday; It must be Wolverhampton’ moments. So when the opportunity presents itself to break free from the banal and cast off the cookie-cutter, CC has resolved to snatch it with a grip hitherto reserved only for carousel case-catching.

Of course, staying off-piste can be fraught with the possibility of rocking-up at your icon of individuality to discover that it’s actually a festering stack of squalid dormitory.

Where, one wonders, will wow we weary wanderers without worry? Well, what about a W?

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