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Une Farce Francaise – Park Hyatt Vendome, Paris

by Continental Club on June 17, 2010  |  Leave a comment

Returning to a place first visited long ago, thoughts often lead to comparisons between the then-and-now; how much has changed, how much that was good has gone, how much more expensive things are now and how they’ll never be the same again.

On my first visit to Paris, in 1986, I slept on a camp bed in St. Cloud and was driven around in a rather rustique Renault Cinq.

On my second visit to Paris the following year, I was held up at knifepoint at Châtelet Métro station.

Frankly then, I’ve mostly been of the opinion that, where Paris is concerned, you can keep the ‘then’, thank you very much, and I will take the ‘now’ every time. It couldn’t possibly be worse.

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