Air New Zealand Sale From Auckland – Hawaii From £300 One Way

by Continental Club on October 20, 2013

Air New ZealandUnder normal circumstances, an Air New Zealand sale for flights originating in Auckland might not warrant a mention on this UK-based website. One fare in particular could prove useful to non-Kiwis in a new sale though – Auckland to Honolulu from NZD519, which equates to just under GBP300 one way.

Fares on the route typically run at twice that, but new non-stop competition from Hawaiian Airlines has perhaps prompted the promotion.

Air New Zealand 777

The relevance is that, in general, oneworld alliance frequent flyer seats from Australasia across the Pacific are very difficult to come by, especially-so following the demise of the Qantas route between Auckland and Los Angeles.

The fare therefore provides a potentially good-value way for oneworld frequent flyers who have made it using miles from Europe to the Antipodes with Finnair, British Airways, Qantas or Cathay Pacific – to cross the Pacific from New Zealand to an Eastbound airport from which ow mileage redemption opportunities improve once again.

It’s an 8h45m haul from Auckland to Hawaii though, so those having travelled down under in Business or First Classes may feel the pinch. Nevertheless, the ease of booking a pure revenue fare may soothe the pain, compared to the hours spent searching for an elusive award seat…..*

For the full list of promotional fares click ‘READ MORE’ or scroll down:

Seat Seat + Bag The Works Works Deluxe
Hawaii NZD 519.00 NZD 549.00 NZD 599.00 NZD 899.00


Economy Premium Economy Business Premier
Los Angeles NZD 796.00 NZD 1,576.00 NZD 3,576.00
San Francisco NZD 796.00 NZD 1,576.00 NZD 3,576.00
Vancouver NZD 859.00 NZD 1,649.00 NZD 3,549.00
Las Vegas NZD 924.00 NZD 1,729.00 NZD 3,929.00
Calgary NZD 959.00 NZD 1,774.00 NZD 3,824.00
Portland NZD 999.00 NZD 1,829.00 NZD 4,079.00
Seattle NZD 999.00 NZD 1,829.00 NZD 4,079.00
Dallas Ft Worth NZD 1,049.00 NZD 1,879.00 NZD 4,329.00
Chicago NZD 1,074.00 NZD 1,904.00 NZD 4,429.00
Toronto NZD 1,084.00 NZD 1,899.00 NZD 4,349.00
Boston NZD 1,099.00 NZD 1,929.00 NZD 4,779.00
Washington NZD 1,099.00 NZD 1,929.00 NZD 4,779.00
New York NZD 1,099.00 NZD 1,929.00 NZD 4,779.00


Sale fares must be booked by 15th November 2013, although the detailed fare rules on the Honolulu offer currently actually say 31st October 2013.

Travel periods are: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Calgary, Portland, Seattle, Dallas Ft Worth, Chicago, Toronto, Boston, Washington, New York: 3rd November to 29th November 2013 and 20th January to 18th June, 17th July to 18th Sep 2014, and Hawaii: 16th January to 11th April 2014, 23rd April to 30th June 2014.

For more details and to book, visit

*Note that American AAdvantage members can also redeem miles on Hawaiian as a non-alliance partner airline.


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