British Airways Club World Business Class Fare Sale – 22nd March 2014

by Continental Club on March 22, 2014

British AirwaysIn addition to the World Traveller & World Traveller Plus ‘Flash’ Sale which has been loaded into the British Airways fare system today, there are a number of destinations showing fares in Club World Business Class which are comparable to or even lower than those seen in the last ‘Luxury World Sale‘.

787 Club World Centre Seat

Some instances of lower fares at the moment can be attributed to the destination not being included in the last sale; others may be down to competitor activity on specific routes, and a number may possibly have been quietly included in the current sale without fanfare. Travel and book by dates will likely vary from the World Traveller & World Traveller Plus ‘flash sale’, of course.

As usual, discounted Club World fares earn full Avios and Tier Point credit in the Executive Club frequent flyer programme.

In the absence of a specific ‘Sale’ page on the airline’s website, the Low Fare Finder at is the best source of information for availability and to book.

For a full list of destinations which are currently at comparable or lower fares to those available during the last sale, click ‘READ MORE’ below or scroll down.

The following is a list of British Airways destinations which are currently offered at fares comparable to or lower than those available during the February 2014 ‘Luxury Travel Sale‘:

Club World Club World
Business Business
Current Last Sale
North America
Boston £1,693.00 £2,010.00
Las Vegas £2,122.00 £1,990.00
Los Angeles £2,573.00 £2,473.00
New York £1,693.00 £1,925.00
Philadelphia £2,093.00 £2,087.00
Phoenix £2,593.00 £2,712.00
San Diego £2,144.00 £2,044.00
San Francisco £2,593.00 £2,493.00
Seattle £2,117.00 £2,021.00
Toronto £2,243.00 £2,143.00
Vancouver £2,553.00 £2,453.00
Washington £2,093.00 £1,993.00
Latin America & Caribbean
Buenos Aires £2,717.00 £2,681.00
Grand Cayman £1,527.00 £2,747.00
Mexico City £2,672.00 £2,572.00
Nassau £2,751.00 £2,751.00
Providenciales £3,260.00 £5,411.00
Rio de Janeiro £2,703.00 £2,603.00
Middle East
Beirut £897.00 £1,096.00
Tel Aviv £1,095.00 £1,089.00
South Asia
Almaty £1,800.00 £1,798.00
Colombo £1,961.00 £2,304.00
Male £2,109.00 £2,498.00
Far East & Australia
Tokyo £2,525.00 £2,785.00
Abuja £3,591.00 £3,588.00
Entebbe £3,267.00 £3,263.00
Freetown £2,490.00 £2,486.00
Johannesburg £2,699.00 £2,596.00
Lagos £869.00 £868.00
Mauritius £1,995.00 £1,995.00
Monrovia £2,566.00 £2,563.00
Nairobi £2,279.00 £2,196.00


For full details, to check availability and to book, visit the Low Fare Finder at


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