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British Airways Airbus A380 First Commercial Flight Video

by Continental Club on August 2, 2013  |  3 comments • Tagged as: , , , ,

British Airways LogoThe majority of passengers who had dragged themselves to Terminal 5 for this morning’s 06:45 BA902 departure to Frankfurt were in for a super-sized surprise, when the aircraft waiting at gate C63 was British Airways’ brand new Airbus A380 aircraft.

Instead of the scheduled Boeing 767, one of the longest-serving types on BA’s current books, there was a definite ‘new-plane smell’ to greet the bleary-eyed travellers as they crossed the air bridge threshold and stepped aboard G-XLEA.

BA Airbus A380 Livery

At the gate, those who had failed to notice the size of their waiting craft beyond the soaring panes of T5’s windows were handed a letter from the airline, welcoming them on board this first commercial flight of an aircraft that marks the most visible beginning of a major fleet renewal.

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British Airways: First A380 Pictures

by Continental Club on April 5, 2013  |  Leave a comment • Tagged as: , , ,

A month ago to the day, the first pictures were released of the interiors which will be fitted to British Airways new Airbus A380 aircraft. Today, the first painted aircraft, G-XLEA, has been rolled out from its Hamburg hangar in preparation for the final stages of its fitting-out and testing.

BA Airbus A380 Livery

Almost six years after BA announced its order for 12 of the world’s largest passenger aircraft, the airline’s first A380s are now approaching handover and these SuperJumbos are also the first in a new variant of the aircraft type, which offers an increased payload and range compared to those already delivered.

BA Airbus A380 Livery

Passengers are expected to get their first chance to fly the Airbus on BA services when the aircraft takes off for Los Angeles on 15th October 2013, with those on one of the Hong Kong flights ‘going large’ on 15th November.

BA Airbus A380 Livery

For a look at BA’s plans for its interiors on board the Airbus A380, read our March 5th blogpost:

British Airways: Airbus A380 Interior Pictures


And for more pictures of the BA A380 rollout, visit our new Tumblr site:



British Airways: Airbus A380 Interior Pictures

by Continental Club on March 5, 2013  |  One comment • Tagged as: , ,

British Airways LogoBritish Airways has revealed some details of the layout and style of its forthcoming Airbus A380 ‘SuperJumbo’ aircraft, due to enter service later this year. The images take the form of a YouTube video.

Those with an eye for detail will probably be most interested in the following time-stamped screen-grabs from the video:

00:15 – The new First Class cabin, which shows a more spacious and rectalinear layout to the seats, compared to the airline’s Boeing 777 and Boeing 747 cabins:

British Airways A380 First Class Cabin Interior

00:18 – World Traveller Plus seats, as already in service on selected Boeing 777s:

British Airways A380 World Traveller Plus Premium Economy Class Cabin Interior

00:20 – Upper Deck Club World outboard seats, featuring the A380’s signature under-window storage units:

British Airways A380 Club World Business Class Cabin Interior

00:26 – Upper Deck World Traveller outboard seating, again showing the under-window storage units:

BA A380 Y

00:32 – Upper Deck Club World inboard seats, which for the first time offer a single central seat and appears to benefit from additional width to the passenger’s right hand side:

BA A380 J1

The new aircraft is scheduled to enter longhaul service on routes to Los Angeles (15th October 2013) and Hong Kong (15th November 2013), although it’s expected that passengers’ first opportunity to see the latest addition to the fleet will be on shorthaul ‘familiarisation’ flights between London Heathrow and Madrid Barajas airports.

No dates or times have yet been published for these flights, which will provide cabin and flight deck crew with the opportunity to perfect service and operational routines in the shortest possible time. With longhaul service due from October however, familiarisation flights are likely to commence in late August or early September.

Meanwhile, special fares from £494 return to Los Angeles, and from £556 return to Hong Kong have been loaded, for bookings made by 15th March 2013. To check whether a particular flight is scheduled to be A380-operated, click on the flight number shown on the ‘fare matrix’ on the British Airways website. If you’re looking at a connecting itinerary, you will need to click the ‘Show Journey Details +’ button first:

BA A380 Fares

It’s possible to combine an A380 flight in one direction with a B777 or B747 flight in the other (depending on route) and special fares will earn Avios, Tier Points and OnBusiness points based on the passenger’s status.

For more information and to book seats on the currently scheduled flights, visit

BA 380 Image





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