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Etihad Airways Diamond First Class – With Video

by Continental Club on December 30, 2013  |  2 comments • Tagged as: , , ,

EtihadIf you thought that ritzy, glitzy Dubai was  the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, then you’d be wrong. And if you thought that the national airline of the UAE was based there too then you’d score ‘nil points’ on that quiz question as well.

In fact, it’s Abu Dhabi that holds the capital city honour, and Etihad Airways that flies the flag as the UAE’s national airline.

Etihad A340

Established by royal decree in 2003, Etihad has become the world’s fastest growing airline serving destinations in 54 countries – including London Heathrow and Manchester in the UK.

It’s a three-class airline, and markets a specific name for each cabin class: Coral Economy; Pearl Business Class and Diamond First Class.

For our first ever flight with the airline, we aimed high – and our journey to Abu Dhabi was booked in Diamond First on the overnight EY4 from Munich’s Franz-Josef Strauss Airport.

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