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British Airways Introduces Lifetime Executive Club Membership

by Continental Club on September 10, 2013  |  Leave a comment • Tagged as: , , , , ,

In a move that has been widely-rumoured for some time, British Airways has unveiled details of its ‘lifetime’ Executive Club membership benefits. Members logging in to their online accounts at will now, for the first time, see their date of joining and the total number of Tier Points earned since that date, alongside the usual annual totals.

BA Exec Avios

The cumulative total is relevant to long term frequent flyers, as BA has announced that members reaching 35,000 Lifetime Tier Points will be awarded Lifetime Gold status in the Executive Club.

Those members who reach 100,000 Lifetime Tier Points will be afforded Lifetime Gold Guest List status, which conveys an even greater level of benefits when travelling, including increased lounge guesting privileges, double Avios and Hilton HHonors Diamond membership among others.

Existing Gold Guest List members working towards their lifetime status will also be offered new rewards as they pass annual thresholds of 7,000, 8,000 and 9,000 Tier Points. Bonus credits of 50,000 Avios or additional redemption or upgrade vouchers will be to choose from.

To review member Lifetime Tier Point totals, log in to your Executive Club account at For more information on Lifetime Gold and Lifetime Gold Guest List member benefits, click the relevant links in the article above.


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