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British Airways Executive Club 2015 Changes Announced

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BA Exec AviosBA has this morning announced changes to its Executive Club loyalty programme, which will affect bookings made from 28th April 2015. Full details of all the variations to the earning of Avios and Tier Points, as well as the redemption of Avios for flight awards, are published at here:

We’re making some changes to the Executive Club

Discount Economy Avios & Tier Points

In earning terms, probably the biggest changes are to the number of Avios earned on the cheapest Economy tickets (down from 100% of flown miles to 25% of flown miles) and also to the number of Tier Points earned on those tickets (down from 50% of full TPs to 25% TPs).

Silver Members’ Avios Tier Bonus

For those who have already achieved the Silver tier in the programme, the other major earning change is to the Avios Tier Bonus, which reduces from 100% of flown miles to 50% of flown miles. Taken within the broader picture of Tier Bonuses, this change arguably resolves an unusually generous bonus and sees a more logical ladder of bonuses from 25% for Bronze members, 50% for Silver and 100% for Gold members. Until these changes, Silver earnings were the same as Gold.

Club World London City Tier Points

Other changes are likely to affect fewer members in terms of gross numbers, such as the realignment of Tier Point earning on the airline’s Club World London City Service to New York JFK. For some time, revenue flights on this service have earned Tier Points at the First Class-equivalent rate; this will now be brought back to the mainline Club World rate.

Avios Redemption Changes

The number of Avios required to redeem for a flight will be changing, and for the first time the concept of peak and off-peak awards will be introduced. The new redemption table is as follows:

Zone Economy  Premium economy Business First
Off-peak Peak Off-peak Peak Off-peak Peak Off-peak Peak
 1  4,000 4,500  5,750 6,750  7,750 9,000  15,500 18,000
 2  6,500 7,500  9,500 11,250  12,750 15,000  25,500 30,000
 3  8,500 10,000  12,750 15,000  17,000 20,000  34,000 40,000
 4  10,000 12,500  20,000 25,000  31,250 37,500  42,500 50,000
 5  13,000 20,000  26,000 40,000  50,000 60,000  68,000 80,000
 6  16,250 25,000  32,500 50,000  62,500 75,000  85,000 100,000
 7  19,500 30,000  39,000 60,000  75,000 90,000  102,000 120,000
 8  22,750 35,000  45,500 70,000  87,500 105,000  119,000 140,000
 9  32,500 50,000  65,000 100,000  125,000 150,000  170,000 200,000


This system will also apply to redemptions on Iberia.

Free UK Domestic Connections

The ‘free’ UK domestic add-on for shorthaul (European) redemptions will be removed, and connecting flights will now be subject to an additional Avios collect. The situation for longhaul redemptions will remain the same, however, and UK domestic connections from British Airways longhaul itineraries will remain free of additional Avios requirement.

Upgrades Using Avios

The range of Economy fare classes which are eligible for upgrade with Avios is being increased, so that instead of only the most flexible fare classes being eligible, all but the most inflexible will now be eligible.

Minimum Number of Avios Seats Per Flight

A new undertaking is being made to release ‘a minimum of two Club World/Club Europe and four World Traveller/Euro Traveller reward seats on all British Airways operated flights that are offered for sale on (excluding subsidiaries and franchises).’

These minimum guaranteed reward seats will be made available 355 days before the flight and will remain available, if not booked, until 45 days before departure.

This latter caveat is particularly interesting, since it may effectively mean that short-notice Economy and Business Class redemptions may no longer be available.

Effective Date

The changes apply only to new bookings made from 28th April 2015. Bookings made before that date, even for travel after that date, will be subject to the current and not the new rules.

For more information relating to the changes, visit


British Airways Club Europe Return Fares From £182 – Plus £30 Off With Avios

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British Airways LogoBritish Airways has released new Club Europe Business Class fares for routes centred on London’s Gatwick Airport. These are not ‘sale’ fares as such; currently they’re loaded for extended travel periods and with no published booking deadline. They do however require a Saturday night stay and utilise fare code IEULGWUK.

Connections are permitted, though stopovers in excess of 24 hours are not allowed.


The cheapest fare is from Gatwick to Barcelona at £182 return, and members of the British Airways Executive Club can save up to a further £30 on these fares by redeeming up to 4,500 Avios. Unlike the majority of other Avios redemption opportunities, using Avios in this way does not affect the eligibility of the fare to earn Avios, Tier Points or indeed British Airways OnBusiness SME loyalty programme points.

Members of the Executive Club who are seeking to maximise the Tier Point earning opportunities of these fares may wish to look at originating in the Channel Island of Jersey.

From there, a fare of £321.88 return is available to Amsterdam. With the application of the maximum Avios discount of £30, a net fare of £291.88 is possible, earning 160 Tier Points round trip – or £1.82 per Tier Point. Without the discount, the cost per Tier Point is £2.01.

Alternatively, a fare of £470.95 from Jersey via Gatwick to Malta is available. This fare attracts the possibility of achieving a greater Avios discount – £50 for 7,500 Avios – and earns a round trip total of 240 Tier Points. The earning rate is therefore £1.75 per Tier Point when the Avios discount is maximised.

If a pure lowest cost per Tier Point opportunity is the aim, then Gatwick to Malta, with the maximum Avios discount, comes in at £198.24 return. Earnings of 160 Tier Points make the rate £1.24 per Tier Point.

There’s no specific ‘sale’ page on the British Airways website for these fares, and so once again the BA Low Fare Finder at is the best route to locating availability and booking.

For a full list of destinations and fares, scroll down or click ‘READ MORE’ below:

Read more


Qatar Airways Business Class Sale Fares From Moscow

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QatarA business class fare sale from Moscow wouldn’t normally attract Continental Club’s attention, but trawling through the listings published on the Qatar Airways website has revealed some particularly aggressive fares. The small matter of getting to the Russian capital is an obvious issue for our UK and western European readers, but in fact one specific group of British and Euro-based  travellers may be particularly interested.


Those travellers are members of the British Airways Executive Club, and they might take note because Qatar Airways is the newest member of the oneworld airline alliance of which BA is part. So, as of this month, Executive Club members can earn Avios and Tier Points on Qatar Airways flights. And since the launch of Avios as the Club’s currency, Moscow has been classed as a shorthaul destination eligible for ‘Reward Flight Saver‘ redemptions.

Qatar Airways Business Class return fares now available from Moscow include:

Ho Chi Minh City EUR1499
Hong Kong EUR1602
Bangkok EUR1603
Seoul EUR1620
Chengdu EUR1662
Tokyo EUR1670
Phuket EUR1670
Phnom Penh EUR1672


An Executive Club member travelling from Moscow to any of the above destinations will earn 560 Tier Points for the round trip – an earning rate of from £2.25 per tier point, for those who need to increase their Tier Point balances to earn or retain Silver status or above in the Executive Club.

Members will also earn at least 14,000 Avios from the round trip. The positioning flights to and from Moscow with BA are 20,000 Avios each way in business (10,000 in economy) plus £25 in charges (£17.50 in economy) – for those who have earned a minimum of 1 Avios in the preceding 12 months to qualify for Reward Flight Saver.

A Russian visa is not required for passengers transiting Moscow Domodedovo airport who hold an onward same-day ticketed reservation.

Reservations in the Qatar Airways sale must be made by 28th November for travel between 1st December 2013 and 31st March 2014.

For full details and to book, visit


British Airways Introduces Lifetime Executive Club Membership

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In a move that has been widely-rumoured for some time, British Airways has unveiled details of its ‘lifetime’ Executive Club membership benefits. Members logging in to their online accounts at will now, for the first time, see their date of joining and the total number of Tier Points earned since that date, alongside the usual annual totals.

BA Exec Avios

The cumulative total is relevant to long term frequent flyers, as BA has announced that members reaching 35,000 Lifetime Tier Points will be awarded Lifetime Gold status in the Executive Club.

Those members who reach 100,000 Lifetime Tier Points will be afforded Lifetime Gold Guest List status, which conveys an even greater level of benefits when travelling, including increased lounge guesting privileges, double Avios and Hilton HHonors Diamond membership among others.

Existing Gold Guest List members working towards their lifetime status will also be offered new rewards as they pass annual thresholds of 7,000, 8,000 and 9,000 Tier Points. Bonus credits of 50,000 Avios or additional redemption or upgrade vouchers will be to choose from.

To review member Lifetime Tier Point totals, log in to your Executive Club account at For more information on Lifetime Gold and Lifetime Gold Guest List member benefits, click the relevant links in the article above.


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